The Swiss banking sector is one of the most vibrant in the world. Its strong reputation is based on the political and economic stability of Switzerland. The country’s banking and wealth management activities contribute to the positive perception of Switzerland abroad. All of our banking institutions are regulated by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. FINMA is an independent public law institution and reports to the Swiss Parliament.

Wealth management is one of the pillars of Swiss financial activity. In existence for the last two centuries, the Swiss financial sector boasts expertise of the highest caliber, fostering investor confidence and making it without a doubt a prime player in the global banking sector. Today, the majority of Swiss banks offer wealth management services to private clients (Private Banking). Wealth management for Swiss and foreign clients represents a significant part of the Swiss economy and half of the wealth generated by the country’s banking institutions.

Wealth management is a financial service with varying degrees of personalisation and complexity, and is designed for private, commercial or institutional investors.

Based on a discussion of your requirements, we propose an investment portfolio that aligns with your needs and expectations in terms of risk and return, and we provide regular, clear and precise reporting on the state of your investments. The main universal banks in Switzerland, as well as the best private bankers in Geneva, are responsible for all operations related to the management and custody of securities.

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