Risks are not only part of our personal lives, they also affect the life of a company. Confronted with risks on a daily basis, each of us learns to manage them in order to ensure our safety and security. To identify risks, it is essential to evaluate the threat level (minor risk, moderate risk, high risk, catastrophic risk). Then, we can take various steps to avoid the negative consequences of the threat: a) avoid it, b) reduce its magnitude, c) protect ourselves against it, d) take control of it.

The protection provided by insurance is mainly financial: in case of an accident or damages, insurance provides the monetary cover contractually agreed. But it also contributes to the material security which helps us shield ourselves from external threats. When we are insured we feel better prepared for life’s unexpected obstacles.

The insurance industry is vast, and there are three different types of insurance:

Personal insurance:

Obligatory accident insurance (LAAO)
Supplementary accident insurance
Private accident insurance
Private health insurance
Group health insurance
Insurance for loss of earnings
Occupational pension
Private pension

Liability insurance:

Private civil liability insurance
Professional civil liability insurance
Commercial civil liability insurance
Directors and officers civil liability insurance (D&O)
Civil liability insurance for contractors
Civil liability insurance for economic loss
Civil liability insurance for buildings
Business interruption insurance

Property insurance

Motor vehicles
SME property
Business interruption
Electronics and information technology / computers

Construction guarantee
Special risks
Commercial legal protection
Motor legal protection
Private legal protection
Travel cancellation
Vehicle repatriation
Personal assistance

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