We can help you prepare your tax declaration. Once we have a comprehensive view of your financial status, we can also advise you on the best way to reduce your tax burden.

Below are some details about the Swiss tax system.

The Swiss tax system reflects the federal structure of the Swiss Confederation. Each of the 26 cantons has its own tax law, and taxes income, assets, inheritance, capital gains, property gains, etc. in different ways.

Taxation of income and wealth is based on a tax form which is distributed to each taxpayer and which must be filled out completely and truthfully by the taxpayer him/herself.

On an international scale, Switzerland does not fall into the group of countries that tax their citizens most heavily. However, within our borders, there are significant differences in tax rates, not only from one canton to another, but also between municipalities within the same canton. These disparities predominantly affect taxes on income and wealth, while taxes on consumption, levied mainly by the Confederation, tend to be more uniform. Federal taxation does not cause regional differences in tax burden.

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